Wp5 Champagne 8’s

The champagne 8’s are my favorite colorway of the 8 class. They are basically all white with hints of gold like the strap. Another part of the gold hints are parts of the insole. The jump man logo is also gold. I think that these are super nice. They are just a little to expensive for me. They are also very hard to find because they only come out at a specific time that Jordan wants to release more. I think that they are super cool it comes with a pack of confetti. On the sole it has a golden jump man logo and the center of it is gold. I’m pretty sure that the eyelets on the laces are also gold and the laces themselves are completely white


  1. JJ

    The champagne 8s are very nice. On a scale of 1-10 what are there ratings? o you know more of this type of shoes?

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